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    Southern Baptists are poised to ban churches with women pastors. Some are urging them to reconsider [url=https://kraken-19at.net]kraken18[/url] From its towering white steeple and red-brick facade to its Sunday services filled with rousing gospel hymns and evangelistic sermons, First Baptist Church of Alexandria, Virginia, bears many of the classic hallmarks of a Southern Baptist church. https://kraken18at.net kraken24.at On a recent Sunday, its pastor for women and children, Kim Eskridge, urged members to invite friends and neighbors to an upcoming vacation Bible school — a perennial Baptist activity — to help “reach families in the community with the gospel.” But because that pastor is a woman, First Baptist’s days in the Southern Baptist Convention may be numbered. At the SBC’s annual meeting June 11-12 in Indianapolis, representatives will vote on whether to amend the denomination’s constitution to essentially ban churches with any women pastors — and not just in the top job. That measure received overwhelming approval in a preliminary vote last year. Leaders of First Baptist – which has given millions of dollars to Southern Baptist causes and has been involved with the convention since its 19th century founding — are bracing for a possible expulsion. “We are grieved at the direction the SBC has taken,” the church said in a statement. https://kraken20at.net kraken2trfqodidvlh4aa337cpzfrhdlfldhve5nf7njhumwr7instad And in a Baptist tradition that prizes local church autonomy, critics say the convention shouldn’t enshrine a constitutional rule based on one interpretation of its non-binding doctrinal statement. By some estimates, women are working in pastoral roles in hundreds of SBC-linked churches, a fraction of the nearly 47,000 across the denomination. But critics say the amendment would amount to a further narrowing in numbers and mindset for the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, which has moved steadily rightward in recent decades. They also wonder if the SBC has better things to do. It has struggled to respond to sexual abuse cases in its churches. A former professor at a Southern Baptist seminary in Texas was indicted in May on a charge of falsifying a record about alleged sexual abuse by a student in order to obstruct a federal investigation into sexual misconduct in the convention.
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  4. Why a rare image of one of Malaysia’s last tigers is giving conservationists hope [url=https://me3ga-at.net]m3ga[/url] Emmanuel Rondeau has photographed tigers across Asia for the past decade, from the remotest recesses of Siberia to the pristine valleys of Bhutan. But when he set out to photograph the tigers in the ancient rainforests of Malaysia, he had his doubts. “We were really not sure that this was going to work,” says the French wildlife photographer. That’s because the country has just 150 tigers left, hidden across tens of thousands of square kilometers of dense rainforest. https://mega555net777.com m3ga.gl “Tiger numbers in Malaysia have been going down, down, down, at an alarming rate,” says Rondeau. In the 1950s, Malaysia had around 3,000 tigers, but a combination of habitat loss, a decline in prey, and poaching decimated the population. By 2010, there were just 500 left, according to WWF, and the number has continued to fall. The Malayan tiger is a subspecies native to Peninsular Malaysia, and it’s the smallest of the tiger subspecies in Southeast Asia. “We are in this moment where, if things suddenly go bad, in five years the Malayan tiger could be a figure of the past, and it goes into the history books,” Rondeau adds. Determined not to let that happen, Rondeau joined forces with WWF-Malaysia last year to profile the elusive big cat and put a face to the nation’s conservation work. It took 12 weeks of preparations, eight cameras, 300 pounds of equipment, five months of patient photography and countless miles trekked through the 117,500-hectare Royal Belum State Park… but finally, in November, Rondeau got the shot that he hopes can inspire the next generation of conservationists. https://mega555darknetX.com mega555 “This image is the last image of the Malayan tiger — or it’s the first image of the return of the Malayan tiger,” he says.
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